The Not My Kid Petition

The fight for our kids is not over.
  • The NM Legislature passed laws in 2023, attacking parental rights, religious freedoms, and election integrity.
  • The laws are currently in effect and negatively impacting our state.
  • 'Not my Kid' is a statewide petition effort, asking legislators to repeal these bad laws.
  • This petition is not governed by the SOS and can be signed by any New Mexico resident - even if they have previously signed the referendum.

Want to help? Sign the petition!

It's not about politics, it's about our kids

As New Mexico wakes up to the realization of the new bad laws in place, they need to hear the good news that we have an option. Share this with our friends and neighbors and keep working. There's a better way. But we must do this together!

  1. Sign the petition here and choose what laws you want repealed.
  2. Help other people sign this petition by sending them the link.
See how your Representatives and Senators
voted on these laws in 2023.

A summary of the bad laws:
  • HB 4, Voting Rights Protections: Closes off election transparency and erodes voter data and election security. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.
  • HB 7, Reproductive and Gender Affirming Healthcare: Removes parental rights to notification of reproductive and transgender health procedures. Establishes fines for any government or healthcare entity who violates that order. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.
  • HB 207, Expanding Human Rights Act: Creates a protected class of citizens. Violates religious freedom for Christians, Muslims, and other religious entities. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.
  • SB 180, Election Changes: Prevents the release of election information to the public. Restricts special elections to mail-in voting. Establishes a permanent absentee voter list. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.
  • SB 13, Reproductive Health Provider Protections: Protects all abortion and transgender treatment providers with an absolute cone of protection, so they can never be sued for malpractice regardless of harm or damages. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.
  • SB 397, School-Based Healthcare Centers: Allows for government healthcare centers in every public school to provide all necessary medical, psychological, dental, and eye care to students without parental notification or awareness. Read our opinion on this bill HERE.

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Help us save New Mexico's kids!

Better Together New Mexico has united people in every part of the state.
Together, we've got to stand up for our kids because they cannot do it for themselves.

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