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The fight for our kids is not over
it's just beginning.

When power-hungry politicians don't approve of the people standing up for themselves, they muddy the waters with misinformation. When you hear opposition to the effort to save our communities, come back here for a fresh perspective. 

Update:  Some counties have exceeded their goal for signatures and others have a long way to go. Keep working until the entire state has achieved what we need!

It's not about politics, it's about our kids

As New Mexico wakes up to the realization of the new abusive laws in place, they need to hear the good news that we have an option. Share this with our friends and neighbors and keep working.

There's a better way. But we must do this together!

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The Bad Laws Harming Our Kids


Attack on parental rights in children's healthcare regarding reproductive and transgender treatments. This leaves an open door for minors on school grounds to receive these medical procedures without parental notification or approval. Several attempts to clarify language by modifying the bill were defeated. Additionally, it provides no allowance for the conscience objection of school or medical personnel who are required to assist the child. 
Read HB 7 to learn more. Read our opinion on HB7.

Facilitates a child’s access to life-changing care without parental involvement. This law will build health clinics in or near schools, which could be beneficial. Unfortunately, this law does not build in parental rights and allows the state to assume responsibility for student healthcare on school property including abortion and gender modification referrals. Read through this healthcare form children are supposed to complete.
Read SB 397 to learn more. Read our opinion on SB 397.

Violates pro-life speech & shields abortion providers. This law shelters all providers of reproductive procedures with a cone of protection from civil, criminal, medical malpractice, or professional conduct censorship. It also dictates that none shall interfere with the decision to have an abortion or transgender services by any means including electronic mediums.
Read SB 13 to learn more. Read our opinion on SB 13.

Parental Notification Form
Sexually-Explicit School Health Form

Violates religious liberty for churches and employers. In this new law, sexual orientation and gender identity have now been added as a protected class. This is especially important for Christians, Muslims, and other religious entities that do not condone or participate in homosexuality or gender-affirming ideology.
Read HB 207 to learn more. Read our opinion on HB 207.

Shuts down election transparency & erodes election security. It blurs the lines between County and State responsibilities and opens doors for fraud and litigation. This law automatically registers individuals seeking service at agencies partnering with the government including the Moter Vehicle Department. County Clerks are no longer allowed to cancel voter registration due to a felony conviction. The clerks will be required to maintain a permanent absentee voter list that will send ballots each time there is a statewide election that includes their precinct.
Read HB 4 to learn more. Read our opinion on HB 4.

Provides access to a voter’s tax information, including SSN, to the SOS. Restricts the public’s access to verify voting outcomes. This law gives all voter tax information - including your social security number - to the Secretary of State (SOS).  It also takes away the public's right to verify certain election information through their local county clerk's office and directs all election challenger and watcher training through the SOS's office. All special elections in the state shall be conducted absentee - meaning no in-person voting for these elections. 
Read SB 180 to learn more. Read our opinion on SB 180.

See how your Representatives and Senators voted on these laws.

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