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Thank you, Sandoval County Commission!
Give the members of the Sandoval County Commission a great big thank you for supporting the Resolution to uphold the people's referendum process in our county.

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Do you want more mask requirements?
Mask mandates have recently been reinstated in some schools, hospitals, and businesses across the U.S. Let's get ahead of this and speak out against more mask mandates!

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Stop the Governor's Gun Ban! 
The Governor has banned gun possession for 30 days in Bernalillo County for both concealed and open carry.

Tell the Governor to rescind her order!

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Did you know the legislature took away your rights during the legislative session? We are facilitating a referendum petition to STOP the six bills that harm our communities.

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Better Together New Mexico is a statewide grassroots alliance promoting public policies based on the principles of free enterprise and traditional American values.

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Join us in the referendum
Many of the 2023 bills passed endanger our election process, threaten our communities, remove parental rights, and more. It is your right to referendum these bills to put them on the ballot for the people to decide.

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Find out how to get involved or get in touch with your county captain!

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At Better Together New Mexico, we saw the need for concerned New Mexicans to work together for the good of our communities, families, small businesses, churches, and schools. Join us in our fight to protect the children and preserve our culture and our beautiful state.

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