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Tell the thirty-six Representatives who voted against SB 3 PMFLA that you appreciate them listening to you and standing up for hard-working New Mexicans.

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Tell her staff you want her to VETO HB 41 and HB 252! New Mexicans do NOT need another tax increase!

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Tell her staff you want her to VETO SB 5 and HB 129 and that you do NOT want more gun-restricting laws that put law-abiding citizens in danger.

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Did you know the legislature took away your rights during the legislative session? We are facilitating a referendum petition to STOP the six bills that harm our kids!

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Better Together New Mexico is a statewide grassroots alliance promoting public policies based on the principles of free enterprise and traditional American values.

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At Better Together New Mexico, we saw the need for concerned New Mexicans to work together for the good of our communities, families, small businesses, churches, and schools. Join us in our fight to protect the children and preserve our culture and our beautiful state.

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