Better Together New Mexico is a statewide grassroots alliance creating important change in our state. We are influencing decisions that impact our lives, families, and communities in a new positive direction. Working together as a cohesive team, we are uniting, activating, and empowering all those who want to drive New Mexico to reach its full potential.

We will no longer be a silent majority watching our rights be stripped away.

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Our Mission

To unite, empower, and activate, our great people
in pursuit of a more free and prosperous New Mexico.

Our Values

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
U.S. Declaration of Independence

Our Agenda

FocusVision Statement
CrimeTo provide robust resources to support and empower law enforcement, educate the public, and effectively control crime in New Mexico.
Education / Workforce DevelopmentTo provide a quality education for all students in preparation for success in either higher education or various trades and maintain our traditional American values; and to educate our fellow citizens on traditional civic responsibilities and engaging elected officials.
Electing Strong OfficialsElecting officials to carry out our common values.
Election IntegrityTo ensure and maintain the most effective, trusted, and verifiable election system anywhere.
EnergyNew Mexico is an energy leader that should provide access to reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy that is dictated by market demand, not government requirements.
EnvironmentTo maintain New Mexico's natural resources through water, soil and environmental conservation while recognizing private property rights as well as state and federal land use.
Government AuthorityPass meaningful legislation prohibiting the Executive branch from acting unilaterally, for indefinite periods of time, without consent of the Legislative branch of government.
ImmigrationTo create an immigration policy that allows this country to protect its borders, and at the same time allow legal immigration and work permits for people who want to live and work in the United States of America and be a productive part of society.
LifeTo foster a culture that loves and respects life, from conception to natural death.
MedicalTo protect New Mexicans' fundamental right to a free market medical system, with healthcare freedom and the power to choose.
Protecting Constitutional RightsTo uphold and advocate for Federal and State Constitutional Rights of New Mexicans.
Pursuing States RightsTo uphold Article V of the Constitution of the United States by passing amendments to stop federal government overreach.
Regulation ReformRegulations should be fair and as simple/transparent as possible. Create reasonable regulations to give businesses and consumers a clear set of rules that are consistent under which all market actors can operate.
Tax ReformTo create a New Mexico tax system that is fair, equitable and provides adequate funding for necessary government services without overburdening taxpayers. 

We are stronger together

Better Together New Mexico has united people in every part of the state.
Together, we can stand up for our communities, families, businesses, churches, and schools.

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