Juan Garcia championing America-first grassroots advocacy organization

Juan Garcia, Chairman of the Coalition of Conservatives in Action | conservativesinaction.org

By New Mexico Sun

Feb 17, 2024 

Chairman of the Coalition of Conservatives in Action (CCIA), Juan Garcia, said that his organization’s mission is to educate citizens “so they can engage and effect reform or change on the local level.”  

Garcia’s involvement with CCIA began with the Hispanic Conservatives, which later transformed into a grassroots community advocacy organization. In an interview with the New Mexico Sun, Garcia said it’s necessary to have organizations like CCIA in predominantly blue communities, like Las Cruces, where voices of dissent often go unheard.

“Our strategy as members of the minority in a deep blue county is to challenge issues that we don’t believe align with our values or are good for the community,”

Juan Garcia

The organization operates through three primary action committees: education, election integrity, and crime and public policy. Each committee targets specific areas, such as the school board, city council, and county commission.

With a focus on public discourse, letter writing, and lobbying, the CCIA holds elected officials accountable, while maintaining a civil and respectful approach, said Garcia. From weekly newsletters and meetings to engaging citizens on the streets and through social media, the organization works hard to ensure that voices are heard and that their issues are addressed. 

Garcia says accountability is paramount for CCIA, like opposition to lifting restrictions on marijuana, challenging inappropriate educational materials, or even the renaming of a local street. Through organized efforts, the CCIA holds elected officials responsible.

Garcia’s personal experiences as an immigrant and a military veteran profoundly influenced his leadership. 

“My parents didn’t believe in handouts, kept the family together and well-disciplined. They introduced us to the work ethics that demonstrate a reward is attained when you work hard,” he said. 

Garcia’s immigrant parents raised him with a strong work ethic, and his service in the Marines instilled in him the values of meritocracy.

With many retired military and veterans among its members, the CCIA acknowledges the role of veterans in grassroots advocacy. While not having specific veteran programs, CCIA collaborates with various veteran organizations, recognizing and supporting those who have served.

Looking ahead, CCIA’s key priorities revolve around fostering hope, changing the county’s political landscape, and increasing public safety. Garcia emphasizes the importance of long-term engagement, urging citizens to contribute in a capacity that works for them. 

“We need to change the flavor of the school board, council, and commission,” he said. 

“We need elected officials who care about public safety and aren’t beholden to much of the progressive agenda that is negatively affecting our community.”

Citizen engagement is required, with Garcia pointing out that change happens gradually, with persistence. He urges citizens to step up.

“We can do it. One inch at a time.”

According to Garcia’s bio, he legally immigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was five. At the age of 17, he dropped out of high school and served in the U.S. Marine Corps for the next 25 years. Now retired as a Department of Defense (DOD) contractor, Garcia has a strong nationalistic view and strong support for the interests of his nation.

The mission of the CCIA is to inform, advocate for, and empower citizens to hold elected and appointed officials accountable at all levels of the political process. The CCIA advocates for the advancement of communities, states, and the nation through self-reliance and critical thinking skills.

CCIA is an America-first grassroots, in-action community advocacy organization, according to its website. Made up of independent citizens, who are non-partisan, non-denominational, and color- and identity-blind, the organization invites all people to join its shared goal of improving communities in New Mexico.