Impact Statement 2023!

Together, we worked to overcome these (and many more!) challenges in 2023.

We Helped Defeat Progressive Legislation: During the 2023 NM Legislative Session, we worked together to oppose 38 bad bills. Even though the progressives had all the control, 22 of those bills were defeated! But they're coming back in January 2024 with extreme gun control legislation. So let's stay unified in our opposition.

The Referendum Project - Soon after the referendum project was initiated, we stepped in to offer coordination, communications, and promotion. Almost nine months later, we are still supporting those fighting to the finish line. We continue this effort until every like-minded New Mexican has a chance to hear about and vote against these bad laws.

Parental Rights Policy Passed in ABQ: We supported an effort to establish a strong parental rights policy in the ABQ Public Schools, and it passed! From that stepping-off point, several other school districts have worked to duplicate that victory. We need to continue this effort until every school district in New Mexico validates and values parental rights.

ABQ City Council Homeless Camps Defeated: When the Albuquerque Mayor instituted policies that draw vagrants and drug use, we asked you to reach out to the Albuquerque City Councilors. With our voices combined, several City Council members changed their minds and voted against those policies. But we still have a big fight ahead in Albuquerque and across the state.

2023 Municipal Elections: By working together with our leaders in both Las Cruces and Albuquerque, we were able to come to a unified understanding of which candidates should be promoted in critical races. By promoting the agreed-upon candidates, several races resulted in the election of good people - instead of a progressive! This is a big lesson learned and we are ready to work as a team in 2024.

Church Connections: With your recommendations, we have connected with 300 churches in our state and have many more to reach out to. Churches often provide help for their communities, a place to hold public meetings, and services like food banks and counseling. Most of all they offer hope, spiritual guidance, and support for those grieving or in need. We look forward to partnering with many more.

Get Ready for 2024: We anticipate a much bigger fight next year.
Please visit the Take Action page often to see where you need to stand up and be heard! You can view our Archived Actions page to see what we've accomplished as a team this year.

But wait - there's more!

  • We've activated smaller groups to speak out on particular issues.
  • Our policy work is always in action behind the scenes.
  • We've pioneered a method for widespread action beyond the reach of BTNM.
  • We're training and encouraging leaders who are ready to engage.
  • Finally, we have built a scalable communications system to initiate a quick response when needed.

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