Expected Challenges in 2024

Elections - county, state, federal:  The 2024 Election is for (almost) all the marbles. We will be electing a US President, US Legislators, NM State Legislators, County Clerks, County Commissioners, and more. We know how many good New Mexicans have experienced election weariness in recent years. So we're developing a strategy to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)! But it won't be easy. We can only do this together.

Legislative session 2024: 
This is a budget year and only a 30-day session. But the Governor has already said she will push gun control legislation through no matter what gets in her way. We're in her way. And we're ready to tell you what's happening and what you can do about it, so we can stop her tyranny and finally free New Mexico. Be watching your email and ready to respond, make calls, and share it with friends.

The Referendum Project: So many of us have worked since the legislative session to get these bad laws onto the ballot in 2024. And we can't stop now. We will continue to gather the remaining signatures, check them for accuracy, and fight through the courts to get them on the ballot for the people to decide.

Community Involvement: We've had some good turnover in the municipal elections. But those new officials will need to know they're not alone.  Holding local government accountable takes time and attention. We all need to attend local meetings. We should be prepared to discuss what's going on in our communities, and let the good guys know you support them.

2024 Growth GOALS

Growing BTNM: Find and partner with  25 more conservative leaders across the state.

Church Support and Pastor Outreach: Connect with 500 more churches in New Mexico and keep them updated and equipped to step in to fight the good fight when needed.

Public Awareness: Most importantly, we need to grow our reach more and more until every concerned New Mexican can see what's going on in our communities and government and decide for themselves whether they should stand up and fight.

Will you support this work?
I Will Support This Work!