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Inactive Calls to Action

Support an ABQ Air Quality Board!
A new ordinance allows the City Council to stop a rule approved by the Board. This provision provides checks and balances to the board’s authority. Please send an email to your ABQ City Councilors to tell them to SUPPORT this Resolution!

ABQ Support This Resolution!

Thank you, Sandoval County Commission!
Give the members of the Sandoval County Commission a great big thank you for supporting the Resolution to uphold the people's referendum process in our county.

Tell Them Thank You!

Public Comment: Provisional Voting
Protect our secure elections! Read the proposed rule changes where the words "absentee ballot" are changed to "mailed ballot" moving us closer to accepting all elections by mail. Read the details of the rules and hold the Secretary of State accountable with a public comment below.

Send a Public Comment

Public Comment: Voter Registration
Protect the voting record! Read the proposed rule changes where the definition of "canceled" voter status is changed by removing “on parole or on supervised probation” to comply with HB4. Once a person is released from incarceration, they will be encouraged to register to vote. Leave a public comment for the Secretary of State.

Send a Public Comment

Public Comment: Drop Boxes 
"Secured Containers" leave us open to fraud. Read the proposed rule changes then leave a public comment for the Secretary of State.  Requiring drop boxes in every county is one part being implemented from the new law (SB 180 Election Changes). 

Send a Public Comment

Public Comment: Referendum Petitions
Referendum Petitions are the right of the people of New Mexico. Read the proposed rule changes then let the Secretary of State know what you think about the Referendum Petitions not being ADA compliant and other concerns with the process.

Send a Public Comment

Public Comment: Absentee Ballots
Absentee voting is a privilege. 
Read the rule changes the Secretary of State is trying to pass to continue opening the voting process up for ease of access in a way that further erodes the security and autonomy of our safe and fair elections in New Mexico. Send a public comment to hold the Secretary of State accountable.

Send a Public Comment

Rio Rancho City Center Contracted with Drag Queen Show for All Ages
Tell the Rio Rancho City Council and Mayor that a Drag Queen event at a city-owned building is unacceptable! Especially when this pornographic event is open to families and children.

Tell the City of Rio Rancho NO!


Omnibus Tax Bill! The bill increases personal taxes for most New Mexicans and raises taxes on many corporations and on personal consumption products like alcohol and tobacco.

OPPOSE HB 547: We have a 3.6 Billion Tax Surplus. Why are you proposing more taxes?

OPPOSE SB 397:  Protect Children and tell NM lawmakers to stop funding dangerous school-based health clinics.

OPPOSE SB 397: Establishes Dangerous School-Based Clinics to Treat Children Without Parental Consent

NM Legislators are now working to remove the security and integrity of our election in the ‘Voting Rights Protections' bill that allows prisoners to vote, mandates automatic voter registration, and so much more.

OPPOSE HB 4: Tell lawmakers to Vote NO NOW!

OPPOSE SB 180. Tell legislators to vote NO on SB 180. We need more security and transparency in our elections, not more partisan interference, unfunded mandates, and secrecy.

OPPOSE SB 180: Keep our elections secure!

OPPOSE SB 9: Tell lawmakers to protect land ownership from the government. Keep the fed and state government from competing with young families trying to buy a home, farm, or ranch.

OPPOSE SB 9: To protect our land and liberty from big government

OPPOSE HB 207 This bill poses a great threat to Religious Freedom in New Mexico for Public Contractors, Churches, and Faith-Based Organizations.

OPPOSE HB 207: Protect Religious Freedom!!


HB 399 increases the number of county commissioners from 3 to 5 in Otero, McKinley, and Rio Arriba counties in a direct attempt to remove power and decision-making authority from local government bodies and is an unfunded mandate.

OPPOSE SB 399: This is a violation of the New Mexico Constitution!

OPPOSE SJR 6. We have the right to a clean environment! So let's uphold existing laws and regulations instead of SJR 6 - a conflicted constitutional amendment.

OPPOSE SJR 6 and protect our industries rather than subject them to unfounded lawsuits by fellow citizens.

OPPOSE HB 426. This bill imposes a “cap and trade” system that ties New Mexico to California and results in gasoline prices increasing from $.50 to $1.00 per gallon.

OPPOSE HB 426: Stop legislators from raising New Mexico's gas prices!

OPPOSE HB 218: Low-Income Public Utility Rates. This bill would force hard-working families and senior citizens struggling to pay their own bills to help pay utility bills for others.

OPPOSE HB 218: Socialized utility rates mean another tax on working families!

HB 25 & HB 28 FAILED!
OPPOSE HB 25:  Minimum Wage Bill that will increase the minimum wage and drive inflation ever higher.

OPPOSE HB 25: Stop minimum wage increases that index with inflation!

OPPOSE HB 263: Say No to “Safe Spaces for Drug Use” in New Mexico!

OPPOSE HB 263: Urge the NM Legislature to Vote NO on this bill for the safety of our communities!

OPPOSE SB 13:  This bill silences electronic pro-life speech. Our pro-life organizations that want to help educate families on the dangers of abortion or transgender services, will be silenced. 

OPPOSE SB 13: Urge lawmakers to protect people over an agenda.

OPPOSE HB 7.  Stop Legislators' Assault on Parents’ Rights!
Urge ALL NM Senators to protect our children and the rights of parents by voting no on HB7.

OPPOSE HB 7: Protect our children and the rights of parents by voting no on HB7.

Using taxpayer dollars to pay for an abortion clinic places every tax-paying New Mexican in the middle of an abortion decision.

No Taxpayer Funds to a For-Profit Abortion Clinic!

OPPOSE SB 165. Say NO to more expensive, less reliable electricity. Tell your Senator to vote against SB 165

OPPOSE SB 165: Protect NM Consumers

OPPOSE SB 520, the Clean Futures Act could destroy New Mexico’s economy by forcing all New Mexicans to reduce carbon emissions in the year 2030 to 50 percent of 2005 levels and have zero net emissions by 2050.

OPPOSE SB 520: Stop this unrealistic bill from becoming law and crushing our economy!

OPPOSE SB 1. The regulations in SB 1 could force our smallest communities to surrender their water rights.

OPPOSE SB 1: Vote “NO” on the Regional Water System Resiliency Bill

HB 110 Failed
SUPPORT HB 110. Voter ID Protection! Support HB 110 to protect your identity, secure your vote, and help the election workers.

Support HB 110 Voter ID Protection!

OPPOSE SB 428: We need to stop these backdoor attempts to sue gun manufacturers and retailers!

OPPOSE SB 428: Is the Firearms Industry Not Welcome in NM? Tell lawmakers to Vote NO on SB 428!

OPPOSE SB 427:  Tell the legislators to Stop the 14 Waiting Period. Fill out the form below to automatically send emails to them.

OPPOSE SB 427: Stop the 14 Day Firearm Waiting Period!

OPPOSE HB 101 (New). Requires a firearm registry. It would ban certain gun sales in New Mexico and make it a felony to sell your gun.

OPPOSE HB 101 (new): Stop the Gun Ban and Firearms Registry!

OPPOSE SB 44: Prohibit Firearms at Polling Places. Tell the committee to oppose more Gun Free Zones.

OPPOSE SB 44: Tell decision-makers to stop the Voting Gun-Free Zone.

OPPOSE SB 116. Tell legislators to vote no on a new firearms and magazines ban for 18-20-year-old adults citizens!

OPPOSE SB 116: Tell legislators to vote no on a new firearms and magazines ban for 18-20 year old adults citizens!

OPPOSE HB 100. Tell legislators you’re opposed to arbitrary and dangerous waiting periods, and they should protect your gun rights and personal property and oppose HB 100.

OPPOSE HB 100 -Stop the 14-Day Waiting Period

OPPOSE HB 72. Tell legislators that you’re opposed to HB 72, and they should protect your gun rights and your personal property!

OPPOSE HB 72 -Stop the Firearm Accessory Ban!  Vote NO on HB 72

OPPOSE HB 238. Stop the Ban on Shooting Ranges and Self-defense! Tell legislators to protect our right to self-defense by voting NO on HB 238.

OPPOSE HB 238 -Ban on indoor or outdoor shooting ranges & self-defense

OPPOSE HB 9! This bill would create an entirely new class of criminal charges in New Mexico where you could be criminally liable for the acts of a third party.

OPPOSE HB 9 - Unlawful Access by Minors to Firearms

OPPOSE SB 11, the Paid Family Medical Leave Act, is estimated to cost well over $400 million dollars if it becomes law. SB 11 will harm our workforce!

OPPOSE SB 11: Stop the Mandates and Regulations on NM Businesses!

OPPOSE SB 171: State Ban on Suppressors, Coated Ammunition, AR Pistols, and NFA Firearms! Tell legislators to protect our Second-Amendment rights.

OPPOSE HB 171 -Stop the New Mexico Gun Banners!

HJR 9 Failed
 SUPPORT HJR  9. Help Fix New Mexico’s Crime Problem: Urge NM Legislators to Vote YES on House Joint Resolution  9!

SUPPORT: HJR 9 gives judges more freedom to retain dangerous criminals!

HB 258 Failed
SUPPORT HB 258!  Tell Representatives in Santa Fe to value life and ban abortions once a baby's heartbeat can be detected.

SUPPORT HB 258: Save Lives and Support the Detectable Heartbeat Abortion Ban!

SJR 5 Failed
SCHEDULE SJR 5:  Ask NM Senators to get a Constitutional Convention of States on the Senate Schedule and heard! SJR 5 risks being put aside and delayed in the Senate Rules Committee.

SCHEDULE SJR 5 to start a conversation about NM joining a Convention of States for Federal reform.

Tell NM Representatives Marian Matthews, Patty Lundstrom, Mark Duncan, Joshua Hernandez, Alan Martinez, and Jimmy Mason that we appreciate them for voting to table (kill) HB 28: Minimum Wage and Cost of Living Increase!

Say THANK YOU to the legislators who VOTED NO on HB 28!

Say THANK YOU! Tell Representatives Johnson, Block, Rehm, and Zamora thank you for Opposing HB 217. We are very grateful to these Representatives who took a stand for the people and the Constitution.

Say THANK YOU to the legislators who VOTED NO on HB 217!

OPPOSE HB 101. Stop the Firearms and Magazines Ban! Tell legislators to protect your guns rights and your personal property by voting NO on HB 101

OPPOSE HB 101 - Stop the Firearms and Magazines Ban!

HB 80 Failed
SUPPORT HB 80: Termination of States of Emergency, would require the governor to consult with the legislature after an emergency order was issued.

Support HB 80: Termination of States of Emergency

OPPOSE HB 217. Protect Your Vote and Tell Lawmakers Not to Use Our Kids as Pawns! We all know 16- and 17- year olds shouldn't vote.

OPPOSE HB 217: Stop Violating the Constitution and Harming Our Kids!

House Bill 50
will criminalize the possession and transfer of standard-capacity firearm magazines that hold more the nine rounds of ammunition. 

Support HB 50 and Add New Mexico to the Permitless Firearm Carry States!

SUPPORT HB 164! Tell legislators that you support the permitless carry of firearms be it open or concealed, by voting YES on HB 164.

OPPOSE HB 50: Stop the Firearm Magazines Ban!

SB 65 Failed 
SUPPORT SB 65: Termination of States of Emergency, would require the governor to consult with the legislature after an emergency order was issued.

SUPPORT SB 65 to prevent a governor from dictating laws.

All but HB 9 FAILED!
We need every New Mexican who values 2nd Amendment rights to speak out AGAINST HB9, HB50, HB72, HB100, and HB101.

OPPOSE the NM Gun Grab Bills!

Say NO to Paid Family Medical Leave Act that will take money from all employees and most businesses!

Save NM Businesses and Employees

CLOSED - Tell the US Forest Service not to gun down 150 head of cattle in the Gila Wilderness in February 2023. 

Stop the Slaughter of Gila Cattle

CLOSED - Tell US Congress to protect the Land Grant Permanent Fund and VOTE NO on changes!save our schools land grant permanent fund

Stop Changes to the Permanent Fund!

CLOSED - Support APS School Board Parental Rights Policy KB1!

Tell APS Board You Support KB1!

CLOSED - Stand against the SOS Veto and expanding homeless camps in ABQ!

Email Mayor Keller HERE.

CLOSED - Tell ABQ City Counselors to protect ABQ residents and stop expanding the homeless camps.

Send an email to ABQ Councilors HERE.

CLOSED - Stop NM Senator Ben Ray Lujan from trampling on your 1st Amendment right to free speech.FREE SPEECH AND CENSORSHIP ROAD SIDES GREEN

Learn More

CLOSED - NM can help U.S. restore Energy Independence - Let's do This!

Learn More

CLOSED - Protect Your Second Amendment Rights in New Mexico

Learn More

CLOSED - Say NO to more government-controlled utilities in NM!

Learn More

CLOSED - Stop the radical "Green" Agenda - HJR 2 & SJR2

Learn More

CLOSED - Respect Bodily Autonomy for NM Students, Teachers, and School Personnel

Learn More

CLOSED - Say ‘NO’ to SB 8! The Governor's push to endanger your voting rights must be stopped!

Learn More

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