Corporate Welfare

    By Ramona Goolsby Nov 17, 2023 I have been attending the Bernalillo County Commission meeting for well over a year now and things seem to be moving in the wrong direction. The Bernalillo County Commission and the City of Albuquerque are precariously sitting on a financial slope that the people may have a hard time recovering from.  The financial slope I … Read More

New Mexico Republicans oppose new vehicle rules: ‘This proposed rule will place an undue financial burden on rural communities across the state’

By New Mexico Sun Nov 3, 2023 The New Mexico House of Representatives Republican Caucus recently issued a statement opposing the Environmental Improvement Board’s plan to limit vehicle purchases in the state, contending that the board is ignoring the wishes of many New Mexicans. “House Republicans believe this excessive and unnecessary proposed rule is politically motivated and pandering to the eco-dreams … Read More

Aycock: Albuquerque mayor’s Housing Forward Plan is ‘poorly conceived’

By Sam Jackson Dec 20, 2022 Colleen Aycock believes the city of Albuquerque is doing the local homeless population, and the city itself, a disservice by promoting its “Housing Forward” plan to convert motels into temporary housing, calling the program “poorly conceived.” The OneAlbuquerque Fund has set a goal of adding 5,000 new living spaces to Albuquerque to address the housing shortage, and … Read More