Professional Calls to Action
Developed through our sophisticated system, we format Calls to Action that allow people to advocate on important issues in less than 30 seconds. In the 2023 legislative session, we had over 1.1 million actions taken with unprecedented testimony in committee hearings in support or opposition to specific legislation.

Support for Local and Statewide Initiatives
At BTNM, our work is to help organize, use our website as a centralized information hub, communicate with volunteers gathered through a survey we created for each initiative, and work with pastors across the state. Our connections with leaders and organizations across the state help to strengthen

A Growing Contact List
Everyone who chooses to fill out the BTNM survey is put into our database for their particular issues of interest. With this growing list, we are able to reach more than 3000 New Mexicans in a matter of seconds. Add to that the number of people our leaders have access to, and you will see we have the ability to reach out to more than 300,000 people (and growing).

Effective Leadership that Leads to Real Change
With multi-group initiatives like the referendum project, it's easy to get too many cooks in the kitchen (so to speak). Since we specialize in behind-the-scenes, back-office work, we're able to step in to help unify and organize - keeping everyone on the same page while allowing the leaders to do the hard work on the ground with volunteers. This makes us all more effective and unified!

New Mexico Updates & Information
At BTNM, our ear is to the ground for local and state happenings. We gather this information and send it to our leaders. We are always ready to listen to what's going on in your area and help when we can, so reach out at any time!

Personalized Survey Data
Each organization gets its own survey link, custom branded to your organization.  The BTNM survey provides you with all the data you need to understand who your people are, their interests, and what they are willing to do.  (Need a refresh of your data? Email

Upcoming Elections
We will also engage in the 2023 local elections and the 2024 statewide and legislative races. We are looking for a brighter future with different state leadership that can only occur with a united and well-organized effort.

And that’s why BTNM exists!