Veteran leader Myles Culbertson spearheads Convention of States Movement in New Mexico

Myles Culbertson |

By Paige Wagenknecht

Mar 15, 2024

Myles Culbertson, a seasoned figure in various fields including ranching, banking, and law enforcement, has taken the helm as the State Director of the Convention of States Action New Mexico (COSNM). Culbertson’s diverse background, which spans executive roles in state agencies and private sector ventures, uniquely positions him to drive the grassroots movement advocating for a Convention of States under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

The Convention of States movement seeks to address what its proponents perceive as an urgent need for constitutional amendments in three key areas: fiscal restraints on the federal government, limitations on federal power and jurisdiction, and the implementation of term limits for certain federal officials. With concerns over ballooning federal deficits, national debt, and perceived government overreach, Culbertson and his team are rallying support across New Mexico.

COSNM operates as part of the larger Convention of States Action, boasting over 5 million supporters nationwide. In New Mexico alone, nearly 18,000 residents have signed petitions calling for a convention. Culbertson oversees approximately 100 active volunteers, orchestrating efforts to engage with legislators, gather petition signatures, and raise public awareness through various channels.

Despite facing challenges such as legislative hurdles and political opposition, Culbertson remains resolute in his mission. He emphasizes the non-partisan nature of the movement, citing widespread bipartisan support among voters for an Article V convention. Recent developments, including favorable committee votes in Democratic-majority states like Massachusetts, underscore the broad appeal of the Convention of States causes.

“This state’s low rankings in education, health care, the economy, and their role in the erosion of opportunity and quality of life are indeed pressing issues, Culbertson said. “Cities are corroding, and rural communities are disappearing. These along with the effects of unreasonable federal regulations and mandates on educational systems, businesses, families, communities and local governments require more discussion than can be had here, but we can give some attention to the federal shadow over land ownership.”

Critics of the movement, including organizations like Common Cause, raise concerns about potential risks and uncertainties associated with a convention. However, Culbertson and his team are committed to dispelling misconceptions and providing lawmakers with accurate information about the constitutional remedy they advocate for.

The clash between federal agencies and private interests over land ownership in New Mexico exemplifies the broader tensions fueling support for the Convention of States. With nearly a third of the state’s land under federal control, Culbertson and his team confront the realities of federal oversight daily. Their advocacy extends beyond abstract constitutional debates to tangible challenges facing communities dependent on land use and management.

“This is where federal government and private business meet, and often collide,” he said. “Many families derive their livelihoods on land that is partially or wholly controlled by federal agencies ordained by Congress to be the experts on care and management. The agencies are given their own powers of rulemaking, enforcement, adjudication, and penalty.”

Looking ahead, Culbertson remains undeterred by past setbacks and political obstacles. He draws inspiration from historical figures like General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., who persevered against daunting odds and embodies the determination of COSNM volunteers who continue to mobilize support despite adversity.

“General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. on the beach at Normandy, their landing craft having been blown so far off course their maps were of no use, drew a line in the sand with his cane and declared, ‘We’ll start the war from right here!’ he said. 

“That is the attitude of all the COSNM volunteers. Meanwhile, support in New Mexico continues to grow.”

As the Convention of States movement gains momentum nationwide, Culbertson’s leadership in New Mexico stands as a testament to the enduring commitment of citizens to uphold constitutional principles and safeguard the interests of their communities. With the 2025 legislative session on the horizon, Culbertson and his team are poised to advance their agenda and bring about meaningful change in the governance of the Land of Enchantment.