We Support Israel

Last Saturday morning, the terrorist organization Hamas invaded Israel and kidnapped, murdered, and wounded thousands of Israelis along with other civilians, including Americans. As of this writing, over 1,300 Israeli civilians have been brutally murdered, 150 have been kidnapped, and over 5,000 rockets have been fired into Israel. Thousands more are wounded and grieving. Twenty-two Americans have been killed and others … Read More

IN-DEPTH: ‘We Had to Take Action:’ New Mexico Referendum Project Aims to Rescind Six Progressive Laws Using Rights Granted in State Constitution

Matt McGregor: Author (Reporter) ‘People didn’t realize what happened in state government,’ she said. ‘They don’t understand the impact of these laws on children in school.’ A grassroots movement is challenging six laws passed in the New Mexico state legislature that its organizers say threaten their communities, infringe upon parental rights, and compromise the election process. “People are starting to realize … Read More

The Governor’s Illegal Public Health Order

By BTNM Jul 14, 2023 On Friday, 9-8-23, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham issued Executive Order 2023-130 and declared gun violence “a statewide public health emergency of unknown duration.” The public health order is statewide and prohibits the carrying of firearms in cities or counties that meet certain crime statistics. For now, the ban against public carrying of firearms for … Read More

Address the problem, not the symptom

By Ramona Goolsby Jul 14, 2023 There is a growing awareness of truth that is beginning to rise in New Mexico. With the passage of HB 7, SB 13, & SB 397 people are beginning to see there is an agenda at play with the very soul of humanity in the balance. Since when is it okay for people to ignore … Read More

Referendum Project in New Mexico transcends partisan politics

By Sarah Valente Aug 4, 2023 We the people are in charge of the government, but we do not directly make or enforce the laws. So that average New Mexicans can lead normal lives in peace and safety, we elect representatives who will do this work on our behalf. This weighty thing that we place in the hands of a few … Read More

The Truth of the Referendum Project & and the Misleading Claims of the SOS

By Jodi Hendricks, New Mexico Family Action Movement During the 2023 legislative session, we saw progressive ideals passed by our legislature while family values were offended, and faith values were mocked. Despite receiving over 1 million messages asking to protect families, elections, and religious freedom, elected officials ignored the voice of the people and pushed forward the most radical anti-family … Read More

What’s next for the American economy?

By Greg Zanetti May 17, 2023 America’s economic transition from a focus on industry to service to design and finally to finance has progressively distanced our economy from tangible reality. The quote by Charles Wilson, “What’s good for GM is good for America,” might sound arrogant today, but it held some truth in 1953. America’s strength was its industrial might, creating … Read More