The Las Cruces Project

In Las Cruces, We are Better Together

Our efforts are getting results! One of our more recent efforts have been working with leaders down in Las Cruces, combatting many of the issues in the city. Our efforts are making a difference in the leadership of the city and many of their city council meetings, only because of people in the city coming together. We will no longer be the majority that stays silent because when we come together and speak up, change happens.  Las Cruces is very rapidly becoming evidence that our efforts are effective and that they work!

Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

“Why do citizens/forgotten victims need to beg and plead for the council to take action? Las Cruces is NOT safe. Demand change from the Las Cruces City Council.”
~Juan Garcia

"The Las Cruces project is a focused effort to combat the growing crime and homeless situation in this once safe, wholesome city."
~ Carla Sonntag

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Knowing what issues are important to you, help us shape policy and action items. That is why you are invited to participate in a short survey to identify your interests, as well as what actions you are willing to take that can make a huge difference in improving our state.

*NOTE: Your information will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be used to sell you anything nor will it be shared with other parties or organizations.

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