IN-DEPTH: ‘We Had to Take Action:’ New Mexico Referendum Project Aims to Rescind Six Progressive Laws Using Rights Granted in State Constitution

Matt McGregor: Author (Reporter) ‘People didn’t realize what happened in state government,’ she said. ‘They don’t understand the impact of these laws on children in school.’ A grassroots movement is challenging six laws passed in the New Mexico state legislature that its organizers say threaten their communities, infringe upon parental rights, and compromise the election process. “People are starting to realize … Read More

Address the problem, not the symptom

By Ramona Goolsby Jul 14, 2023 There is a growing awareness of truth that is beginning to rise in New Mexico. With the passage of HB 7, SB 13, & SB 397 people are beginning to see there is an agenda at play with the very soul of humanity in the balance. Since when is it okay for people to ignore … Read More

A Brighter New Mexico! Coming to Farmington

Featuring:   New Mexicans are uniting! Join us to learn how you can be part of the most successful unity project in our state’s history. Together, we can change some of New Mexico’s worst new laws by getting them on the 2024 ballot.  True value-driven New Mexicans can decide our future. Register HERE for this free event! Call (505) 836-4223 … Read More