BTNM: The Las Cruces Project

Better Together New Mexico (BTNM) is a statewide grassroots alliance creating important change in our state. We are influencing decisions that impact our lives, families, and communities in a new positive direction. Working together as a cohesive team, we are uniting, activating, and empowering all those who want to drive New Mexico to reach its full potential.

The Las Cruces project is a focused effort to combat the growing crime and homeless situation in this once safe, wholesome city. BTNM is holding elected officials accountable for the decisions being made that create and worsen these issues. We have provided them with documentation of our claims and suggestions to begin fixing these problems. Unfortunately, there are some elected officials who continually make decisions that exacerbate the problems.

We will no longer be the silent majority. This is our community and we want to be safe in our homes and businesses. We want our people to prosper and be proud of the community they call home. To accomplish that, change is needed.