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We believe bills like HB 4 and SB 180 are dangerous for our election process and the security of the vote. We also believe that HB 7, SB 397SB 13, and HB 207 threaten our communities, endanger the lives and mental health of children, and remove parents from their lives at school. It is the right of the people of New Mexico to use the referendum process to stop these bills on the ballot in 2024. 

NOTE:  In cooperation with the SOS, an updated form was provided which we are excited to offer to everyone willing to gather signatures for this important cause. The signed petitions you already have will count as well. But by using the new format going forward, we are attempting to accommodate and be cooperative with the NM Secretary of State in all things regarding this referendum process. There are 6 petitions for referendum. Sign each petition ONLY ONE TIME no matter what format it's in.

Want to know how this happened? See how your Representatives and Senators voted on these bills.

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