Your Vote Does Make a Difference for New Mexico

'Think your vote doesn't matter?' Download this card (printable at 5.5 x 4.25 in.) HERE!

It's important that you Vote in the Next Election.

If you stay home, then MLG might win!

Do you want that?

How to Vote in the 2022 Election

Numerous groups are working hard to make the 2022 elections fair, and many NM elections are won by slim margins.

  • For example, Representative Melanie Stansbury won her district election in New Mexico by only 1009 votes!

Did you also know that Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) won as Governor by only 100,277 votes?

  • Meanwhile, of the 1,217,638 registered voters in the state of New Mexico, only 54%, that’s about 657,500 people, voted in the last election which put MLG in office.
    What about the other 560,000+ people?

  • If only 1/5 of the New Mexicans who didn't vote in the last election had voted AGAINST MLG,  the state might not be in such a big mess now!

  • Many people are worried about election integrity. In this election, concerned New Mexico citizens will serve as "poll challengers" on election day to safeguard against fraud. We will have more information here as it becomes available about how you can participate if you wish.
  • Concerns about election integrity are no reason not to vote! If you stay home, MLG might win!