More Information about Michelle Lujan Grisham's bad behaviors

Past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. Will you do your research and vote to Remove mlg in 2022?

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These references show Michelle Lujan Grisham’s pattern of unethical, self-serving, incompetent behavior.

Is this the kind of person you want running New Mexico?


1) Poor treatment of nursing home residents:
Nursing home residents were evicted, supposedly to make room for Covid beds. This was sanctioned by MLG, in part because the money that would be paid for those beds – occupied or not - was 4x more than what Medicare was paying. Can you imagine what happens to a frail and elderly person, perhaps with dementia, when he or she is suddenly moved from a safe and familiar environment to who-knows-where? To add insult to injury, many of the beds that were vacated remained empty.
Read more

2) Abusing state resources:
While you were on lockdown or unemployed during Covid, MLG ate like a queen and drank top shelf liquor with state money. Taxpayers also paid for a doggie door and cleaning to have pet waste removed from carpets. Read more here. During her order to close “non-essential businesses,” she had an Albuquerque jewelry store open its doors just for her so she could shop. Read more

3) Not walking her talk:
MLG clearly feels that none of her policies apply to her. She was caught on a hot mic right before one of her covid broadcasts, stating that she didn’t have to wear a mask because she “gets to be the exception.” Do you want a leader that doesn’t follow her own rules and laughs about it behind your back? Read more 

4) Mandating health policies she knew were not based on science:
Heath Secretary Tracie Collins admitted in a deposition that New Mexico’s Health Policies for Covid were not science-based at all. Read the deposition for yourself. She resigned shortly after this. Read more

5) Taking over your health decisions while denying it:
 According to Dr. Scrase, the Secretary of the New Mexico’s Human Services Department appointed by MLG, there “is no plan for vaccine passports.” Read more. But that’s not what we see elsewhere… Read more. In 2021, MLG made her feelings for mandating health decisions quite clear. Read more. Even though the Supreme Court knocked down mandates for businesses, healthcare, schools and government offices must still comply. If she has her way, so will the rest of us. Is that what you want – a governor who dictates every facet of your life and worse, does it behind your back?

6) Undermining NM's public education:
Under MLG’s direction, New Mexico’s public education system, already in terrible shape before the pandemic, is declining even more rapidly. In response, parents are withdrawing their kids from schools at an accelerating rate. Read more

7) Creating massive economic and social damage with discriminatory business shutdowns:
MLG capriciously decided what was and was not “an essential business to shut down during Covid. NM is one of the most food-insecure states in the nation, yet she shut down grocery stores. Read more. If you depend on your job to feed your family and keep a roof over your head….YOUR JOB IS ESSENTIAL. Do you want your elected officials ignoring that basic fact? New Mexico lost 687 small businesses due to covid fall-out. 381 of those were in Albuquerque alone. Read more. Many of them were independent, small, family-owned restaurants. Read more


1) Lying in her business dealings:
She and Deb Armstrong ran a high-risk insurance pool, Delta Consulting, that Obamacare made obsolete. They profited from it, and she lied about it. Again, this makes it obvious that her main concern is herself, not anyone’s “health.” Read more here and here

2) Destroying a doctor's career:
In 2004, MLG’s first husband died from a brain aneurysm. His doctor was Ken Rogers of Southwest Medical Associates. Her response to this unfortunate but common event (aneurysms tend to “just happen”) was to use the legal system to destroy Dr. Rogers’ career. Read more

3) Discriminating against a transgender employee:
MLG likes to think of herself as an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Does the community know how she treated Riley del Rey, a transgender intern that she harassed, fired and gaslighted? When Riley spoke up against MLG, she also attempted to have her arrested. Read more here and here

4) Partying on the taxpayer's dollar:
MLG is no stranger to using “official” events to party on the taxpayer’s dime. if you are angry that she traveled to Hawaii (it was rumored), California and Scotland during lockdowns, understand that this is not new behavior for her. This article talks about her partying in Puerto Rico when she was there supposedly to assist after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Read more 

5) Neglecting frail elderly residents:
Frail, elderly were ignored and died on her watch as State Health Director. Fort Bayard was a state-run nursing facility. The findings of the Department of Justice speak volumes. Read more

This is just a few of the disgraceful activities and situations Michelle Lujan Grisham has been associated with. All of them would fill a book.

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